Choose the most suitable account type for your trading needs

CapHouse provides a range of account types tailored to meet the unique requirements of every trader. Whether you`re a novice or an experienced trader, CapHouse has the perfect account option to match your needs and preferences.

Choose the most suitable account type for your trading needs

Open a Live Account

Opening a live account at CapHouse is a straightforward process, guided by user-friendly steps and a streamlined interface.

Open a Live Account

You can quickly navigate through the registration, verification, and funding stages to start your real-time trading experience with ease. On CapHouse, opening a live account is a process that you can swiftly complete. You`ll find clear instructions guiding you through registration, account verification, and funding.

Upon account creation, you`ll have access to these exclusive promotions, adding extra value to your trading experience. Remember to review the terms and conditions associated with each promotion for a comprehensive understanding of their benefits and requirements.


Make your first deposit

CapHouse ensures a secure trading environment by offering a variety of trusted payment methods for making your first deposit.

Make your first deposit

With a focus on safety and convenience, you can confidently fund your account using CapHouse`s secure payment options to begin your trading journey.

Fund Your Account

Receive your 100% welcome bonus!

Experience a warm welcome with CapHouse`s enticing offer of a 100% welcome bonus, boosting your initial trading capital and enhancing your potential profits.

Receive your 100% welcome bonus!

This generous incentive adds an extra layer of value to your trading experience, setting you off on a rewarding start. At CapHouse`s promotions page, making your first deposit is both secure and effortless.

Trusted payment methods ensure your financial safety, showcasing CapHouse`s reliability. With easy funding, you access exciting promotions that underscore CapHouse`s commitment to seamless trading experiences and security.

Benefits of Welcome Bonus

The 100% welcome bonus doubles your initial deposit, boosting your trading capital for bigger positions and increased profit potential.

With bonus funds, you gain risk management flexibility, creating a buffer against losses and enabling a strategic trading approach.

The bonus-funded capital allows you to try different trading strategies and tools, helping you learn and improve your techniques through hands-on experience.

A higher starting balance from the bonus enhances profit potential, expediting progress towards your financial trading goals.